LBN expands biosecurity presence in Queensland

Queensland cattle producers now have access to further assistance in biosecurity planning and advice, with the appointment of Rachael O’Brien to the position of Biosecurity & Extension Manager for the Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN).

Rachael will be working with the cattle industry to increase farmers’ role in animal welfare, biosecurity, emergency animal disease responses and disease surveillance.

Rachael comes from a biosecurity background having worked for Biosecurity Queensland for six years in North Queensland, based in Townsville and Cloncurry.

She will be available to all producers in Queensland but will be based in Cloncurry for the first few months of her employment.

“I will be in strong position to assist producers with biosecurity planning from Cloncurry, particularly with recent legislation passed in the Northern Territory which will see changes to cattle entry requirements after 30 June 2017,” Rachael said.

“Cloncurry is an export and interstate movement hub, therefore being based here enables me to assist producers who will need to know about these changes.”

Changes to entry will require producers to have a biosecurity plan in place from 30 June 2017 which will highlight how they meet Johne’s disease requirements as stipulated by the Northern Territory. This is inclusive of export cattle.

Any producers who wish to know more about the new cattle entry requirements in the Northern Territory are encouraged to contact Rachael on 0418 7224 61 or