No question too small: answers and help available through Livestock Biosecurity Network Managers at Beef Week 2018

Frances Gartrell, Manager Biosecurity and Extension, Western Australia

Do you lay awake at night worrying about biosecurity plans? Do you have questions that you feel you should know the answers but don’t want to ask?

When it comes to your farm and biosecurity there are no silly or small questions. Everyone knows agriculture is the growing industry. Farmers focus on growing crops and growing livestock but when it comes to the changes of the industry and growing a farming business this becomes a lot more difficult.

With farmers being required to maintain records for biosecurity, audits for animal welfare and certificates for chemical usage, it’s easy to see why they feel overwhelmed, with little knowledge of who might be available to help.

A well-constructed biosecurity plan can help prevent diseases and infections on farm but also can be used as a management tool for containment if a pest or disease enters your farm.

Simple methods for disease management/outbreak in livestock

  • Observe the symptoms
  • Contact the vet
  • Isolate animals
  • Assess the risk of transmission
  • Identify how to prevent further spread / infection
  • Prevent movement of people on and off the property

Would you be able to identify a disease in time to manage the infection with minimum impact to your farm?

The sooner you can identify an outbreak the quicker it can be controlled, resulting in a smaller number of diseased animals helping ensure farm survival and a more secure future.

The Livestock Biosecurity Network’s Biosecurity and Extension Managers are based in WA, QLD, NT and NSW and will be present at Rockhampton Beef Week, co-located with Animal Health Australia in the Durack Pavilion.

The LBN booth is equipped to help producers with implementing a biosecurity plan on their property, along with answering questions on biosecurity, animal health, welfare and food safety.

You can find the LBN Biosecurity and Extension team in the Durack Pavilion answering all your biosecurity based questions, no matter how big or small. Alternatively, if you are unable to come and talk to one of the industry representatives at Beef Week, LBN is running workshops in local towns across regional Australia (find out more at , or contact your nearest LBN manager.