About LBN

Livestock Biosecurity Network is an independent industry initiative founded in 2013 by the peak industry councils for cattle, sheep and wool. It is a subsidiary of Animal Health Australia, funded by Cattle Council of Australia.

LBN Biosecurity & Extension Managers across Australia endeavour to provide livestock producers with the necessary tools and useful information to manage disease (endemic and exotic), pest and weed events on their farms. LBN develops mechanisms for public consultation on animal health, welfare and biosecurity issues.

This includes developing good animal welfare practices to buffer livestock from infectious diseases and encompassing all the veterinary, husbandry and management actions and decisions for ensuring healthy and well-cared for animals.

LBN is working in collaboration with industry and state and federal agencies to address industry concerns about responses to existing or emerging biosecurity threats to livestock production in all jurisdictions.

Strategic goals

  • Build a network of public/private partnerships to assist with the delivery of information about biosecurity risk to animal health and welfare.
  • Support jurisdictions to enhance industry capability in the event of an emergency animal disease (EAD) incursion.
  • Work with partners and stakeholders to identify, and where necessary, update extension material for on-farm animal health, welfare and biosecurity for dissemination within the cattle and sheep industries.