Farm Biosecurity

Cattle on the moveThe Farm Biosecurity awareness campaign is a joint initiative of Animal Health Australia (AHA) and Plant Health Australia (PHA) on behalf of their members.

The goal of this industry project is to help producers reduce the risks posed by diseases, pests and weeds to crops and livestock. Farm Biosecurity provides information about on-farm biosecurity measures to help prevent  emergency animal disease outbreaks and exotic plant pest incursions. It encourages producers to identify risks to their livestock, crops and plant products, and to minimise those risks through good practices.

Producers are encouraged to check their properties regularly and, if they see anything unusual, to call the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888 or the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881.

Biosecurity: an explanation

Biosecurity refers to a process of measures that guard against animal and plant diseases and pests. Biosecurity brings together the management of risks to the economy, the environment, and the community, of pests and diseases entering, emerging, establishing or spreading.

Biosecurity measures can be implemented off-shore, at the border and on-farm. But LBN’s focus is on the livestock producing industries, principally cattle, sheep and wool production. This reflects the founding organisations, WoolProducers Australia, the Sheepmeat Council of Australia and cattle Council of Australia.

LBN has appointed Regional Officers in all states and territories who have broad experience and qualifications in disease and pest management in farms.

They are seeking to promote the use of recommended measures in day-to-day farming operations to improve on-farm biosecurity while minimising production losses and unnecessary costs.

How farm biosecurity works

Farm biosecurity is a set of measures designed to protect a property from the entry and spread of pests, diseases and weeds. Farm biosecurity is your responsibility, and that of every person visiting or working on your property.

Producers play a key role in protecting Australian plant and livestock industries from pests and diseases by implementing sound biosecurity measures on-farm.

If a new pest or disease becomes established it can harm business through increased costs (for monitoring, production practices, additional chemical use and labour), reduced productivity (in yield and/or quality) or loss of markets. Early detection and immediate reporting of an exotic pest or disease increases the chance of effective and efficient eradication.

The Farm Biosecurity program is an important part of Australia’s emergency animal disease and exotic plant pest surveillance systems. Surveillance helps to preserve existing trade opportunities and provides evidence of Australia’s pest and animal disease status to support access to international markets.

Producers are encouraged to call the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline 1800 675 888.