State biosecurity strategies

Value on the hoofLivestock biosecurity starts wherever livestock are located, on farms, in feedlots or production sheds, at showgrounds and racetracks, on small hobby blocks and in suburban backyards.

Governments and farming organisations in all states and territories acknowledge that managing biosecurity risk is a shared responsibility of government, industry, and the community. However, the specific strategies and policies of each jurisdiction are different and for this reason it is important to be aware of approaches being taken in your own state or territory.

In most cases the government has agencies specialising in biosecurity risk for the livestock industry.

The Livestock Biosecurity Network was established by peak industry councils to create a broader awareness of the economic risk from animal diseases incursions or from damaging pests or weeds. Our Regional Officers are highly credentialed and experienced in livestock management, most have veterinary qualifications. Theirs is a leadership role, building partnerships and alliances with governments and industry to strengthen and disseminate vital information about biosecurity risk.

This includes early planning for on-farm biosecurity planning for individual livestock producers.

National, state and territory strategies