Our Services

Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN) is an independent industry initiative with two member organisations; Animal Health Australia and Cattle Council of Australia.

Our managers provide livestock producers and supply chain participants with the necessary tools and useful information to:

  • manage disease (endemic and exotic), pest and weed events on their farm(s)
  • minimise food safety risks from occurring
  • develop good animal welfare practices
  • meet standards set out in industry verification systems
  • build capability across industry in emergency animal disease capacity

LBN can also work with government organisations, utility companies, mining organisations and other private industry that work in agricultural areas to help manage their biosecurity obligations.

What services can we offer?

LBN is a dynamic organisation that can tailor services to your specific requirements. Below are some of the services we can offer, but if you are looking for something different please get in touch with us to discuss what we can do for you.

Biosecurity planning

LBN can assist properties, supply chain participants, agricultural events and other companies that work in areas that overlap with agricultural land (including utility and mining companies) to create and maintain a biosecurity plan.

Biosecurity planning is important to effectively manage the risk your enterprise poses to Australia’s economy. Everyone has a responsibility to manage the biosecurity risks that are under their control.

Biosecurity planning also works hand in hand with some work health and safety considerations. LBN can help enterprises make sure they are meeting their work health and safety obligations in this area, particularly in respect to zoonotic diseases.

Biosecurity planning sessions can either be done on the property with an LBN manager travelling to you, in person off the property (through workshop sessions) or over video conference.

Food safety property risk assessments

The LBN team can undertake property and supply chain risk assessments focusing on the food safety aspects of production (e.g. chemical residues, contaminated land, use of easements). All producers of livestock have a responsibility to supply product(s) that meet legislated residue levels and are fit for sale. The team has extensive experience in identifying the risks and recommending mitigation strategies for the reduction of these risks. These assessments must be done on site due to the individual nature of the property and therefore the assessment process that needs to be undertaken. This type of assessment can be done at the same time as the biosecurity session to reduce costs.

Training of employees

LBN can deliver tailored training sessions or packages to suit individual enterprise needs. This can include training on topics related to animal health, animal welfare, biosecurity and food safety.

Training packages can be delivered in person, through written resources or a tailored online package.

Independent evaluation of policies and procedures

LBN can conduct an independent evaluation of enterprise policies that relate to biosecurity, food safety and/or animal health and welfare.  We can provide feedback on areas of strength or where further practices or policies may be required to further support your enterprise.

By undertaking this evaluation, enterprises can continually strengthen their practices in these areas and make sure they are meeting the required standards.

Independent animal welfare supply chain reviews

As an independent industry organisation, LBN is in a prime position to offer animal welfare supply chain reviews and provide feedback on areas of strength and possible areas for improvement. This can include looking at policies and procedures as well as infrastructure and current practices throughout supply chains.

Transparent welfare practices in our agricultural industries is important for our social license to operate.  LBN can review supply chains, provide information, education and transparency to everyone interested in agricultural production.

Costs of Services

LBN charges an hourly rate of $170 or a daily rate of $1370 where specific services are requested. If you would prefer to come to an arrangement on a job-based basis where a set fee for a service is provided LBN is happy to take that approach too. Where travel is required to undertake services, this may be an additional cost above our hourly/day rate.

All costs can be negotiated based on specific requirements you are looking for so contact us and we can discuss your requirements and deliver a quote specific to your needs.


To find out if we can help you – please get in touch with your local LBN representative: http://www.lbn.org.au/about-lbn/contact-us/