Biosecurity & Extension Managers

Livestock producers and farming organisations are invited to contact our Biosecurity & Extension Managers. LBN is actively encouraging industry-wide networks to participate in establishing biosecurity programs for livestock producers.

This includes the adoption of good animal welfare practices as a buffer to the spread of infectious diseases or harmful pests, and all the veterinary, husbandry and management actions and decisions for ensuring healthy and well-cared for animals.

MerinosThe Biosecurity & Extension Managers are working closely with existing farming networks to promote greater awareness of biosecurity risk and being prepared for possible outbreaks of exotic or endemic diseases and harmful pests and developing on-farm biosecurity plans.

They will disseminate the latest findings about biosecurity risk and animal health and welfare reach livestock producers and farming communities in a timely way.

Livestock producers have a traditional role in Australia in the surveillance, detection and reporting of diseases and harmful pests, including the spread of noxious weeds or other plants in their regions.

Our Biosecurity & Extension Managers have long-standing experience and expertise in the sheep and cattle sectors. As a team they have a variety of qualifications and professional experience in agriculture, biosecurity, animal health and related fields. Our team is also trained in Emergency Animal Disease Response.

This provides LBN with a platform to further develop effective state and territory biosecurity networks with farming organisations, farmers, associated industries and state government agencies.

Contact your local Manager Biosecurity & Extension:

LBN as a company ceased its operations effective 30 June 2018.

From An Announcement From Our CEO prior to the closure:

I’m pleased to report that while the livestock industry bodies search for a long-term, sustainable model for extension services, Animal Health Australia will be delivering some biosecurity extension services, complementing the existing AHA Farm Biosecurity Program. Current LBN staff will be delivering these services, so I would encourage you to keep in touch with your relevant Biosecurity and Extension Manager. The managers can be contacted via:

  • Jess Rummery (Northern Australia): 0499 077 213
  • Rachael O’Brien (Queensland): 0418 722 461