Western Australia

Frances Gartrell

WA cattle producers now have ready access to biosecurity and extension support with the appointment of Frances Gartrell to the position of a Livestock Biosecurity Network’s Biosecurity and Extensions Manager.

Frances works with producers in southern Western Australia, below the Tropic of Capricorn. Producers in the north are encouraged to contact the Northern Australia manager.

Frances’ key role is raising awareness about on‐farm biosecurity and emergency animal disease processes, as well as providing general information on animal welfare and surveillance issues.

Frances’ upbringing on the family sheep and wheat farm in Brookton not only cemented her passion for agriculture, but instilled in her an awareness that strong biosecurity practices lead to profitable farms.

“I’m really looking forward to assisting WA cattle producers take control of their own profitability by enhancing their biosecurity credentials. I believe this renewed focus on biosecurity will lead to increased national and international market options for the WA producer”, said Ms Gartrell.

Producers can contact Frances on 0497 700 113 or via fgartrell@lbn.org.au.